tisdag, 23 of juli of 2024

About the Neptunecruiser

For general information about the Neptunecruiser and how to buy at new boat, price etc. please see this pdf: NEPTUNKRYSSARE Segmo 240311

Short about Neptunkryssarförbundet:

Neptunkryssarförbundet (the Neptune Cruiser Organisation) was established in 1940, only two years after the boat was constructed.  Neptunkryssarförbundet is a class organization affiliated to the Swedish Sailing Federation.

The purpose of Neptunkryssarförbundet is to spread information about Neptunkryssaren, preserve it as a good and priceworthy one design, keep control of the building- and class rules and to promote racing with Neptunkryssare. Every year since 1940 we sail about the Neptune Cruiser Cup and every years since 1945 we sail about the Swedish Shampionship.

We have our own printed magazine – Nepparnytt – (Neppare is short for Neptunkryssare) with three numbers a year.

We administrate our own webpage www.neptunkryssare.se and our facebook-group https://www.facebook.com/groups/5705144977/.

We have a technical committee that give advises in technical matters and we also have a boat-trailer the members can rent.

Neptunkryssarförbundet also owns the right to the construction Neptunkryssaren and the fibreglass molds that the boats are built in.

We try to make the boat more popular by participate in the boat exhibition in Stockholm every year with one or (as 2020) two boats (one in wood and one in GPR).

You can be a member in Neptunkryssarförbundet by paying the members fee (SEK 250 in 2024) and boat fee (SEK 100 in 2024) to our account in Nordea.

Within Sweden:     Plusgiro 27 08 91-5 eller Swish 123 207 93 74

From outside Sweden:  IBAN Account: SE24 9500 0099 6026 0270 8915    BIC       NDEASESS

Information in German (Informationen auf Deutsch) can be found on the German website Neptunkryssare – Der Neptun-Schären-Kreuzer (neptun-schaerenkreuzer.de).